Tin Mines

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There were many tin mines within the parish. A lot of these are deep mines but the early ones were opencast. The highest area of mining can be seen on the open moorland from Hemsworthy Gate to Bagtor - these were the Haytor Consoles which were worked from 1845 to 1854 - the steam engine was fired by peat. 

Further down the slopes of Bagtor, an extensive area of workings can be seen on the slopes of Pinchaford Ball facing Bagtor. The vast extent of these workings has to be seen to be believed.  This is the Bagtor Mine (also known as the Crowley Park Mine) and was worked from 1845 to 1867.

Lower down still, were the Smiths Wood and Sigford Consoles which were worked from 1819 to 1863 for tin and also for copper.

In the Trumpeter Area, the remains of the Atlas Tin Mine can be found.  Of particular interest, is the burning house, built with stones from the Haytor Granite Railway. This mine worked from the 1850's until 1903.  Local residents recall that the sound of the stamps crushing the ore could be heard throughout the valley. Iron Ore was also mined here.

The Devon Mining Club website, http://www.devon-mining-club.org.uk  has further information about mining in this area.